Let It Be Known (Christmas Song)

LET IT BE KNOWN is an original Christmas song written and recorded in our home studio. We wanted to write a song that captured the spirit of this season as we celebrate the birth of Christ. See lyrics & listen to the song below. Enjoy!

He comes, His throne the manger

He comes, His shrine the stall

Worthy is the name

Jesus our messiah

Came our souls to cleanse


King over creation

Born among the rest

To live among the least

Holy night, our savior came

Deep in the shadow there he lays

Emmanuel, God is with us

O night, O night divine

Open skies and stars aline

All creation will proclaim

The Earth, the sky, the ocean

His glorious way adorn

Holy is the name


Let it be known you're the reason

Let it be known who you are

Let it be known that I need you, I need you here with me